At Planet Krypton we teach you everything you need to know to be empowered by using and even trading cryptocurrency!


But you don’t know what you should do or even where to start. 

Trying to understand all of the technological terms and jargon can be intimidating. You have to learn what Bitcoin is, what’s the difference between it and cryptocurrency and how this stuff actually works. 

Most importantly, you want to know what will happen to you if you don’t adopt it. Maybe you’re one of the ones who realizes how impactful this change will be and want to capitalize (profit) off of it. Either way, there is a huge paradigm shift coming and you need to be ready.

We’re here to help you to not only prepare for it, but get ahead of it.

At Planet Krypton Cryptocurrency Academy, we will teach you everything you need to know to be empowered by using and even trading cryptocurrency! Now is the time to put yourself in a position where you’re equipped to use, trade and gain financial liberation through the cryptocurrency space!

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No complex jargon

Our information is easy to understand. You're spoken to like a person and not a computer that processes millions of operations per second!


Never feel left hanging

We don't move on without you and make sure that everyone is on the same page before we advance to the next lesson.


Make money NOW

Nobody has time for that "theory" stuff. This is application while learning hands-on! Triple your hourly wages with usable strategies.


And I’m here to make the complexities of cryptocurrency a thing of the past for you! I’m a certified Bitcoin Professional who’s taught everyone from children as young as seven-years-old with my Bitcoin for Kids class, to adults who weren’t very tech savvy!

I’m confident that you’re in the right place, with the perfect coach. Becoming a Kryptonian means that you will be supported by an entire community of cryptocurrency and financial technology enthusiasts who want to see you win! Our entire goal is to get you seeing gains as quickly as possible, in a way that is easy-to-follow and fits around your busy life!


Learn the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency, how to use it, how to set it up and how to protect your funds/profits. This course is easy-to-understand and even a child can do it! ($177)

Need some one-on-one instruction on how to get into cryptocurrency safely and with the least amount of risk? Need for me to EXPLAIN TO YOUR FAMILY the IMPORTANCE of getting into cryptocurrency before it’s too LATE?! Or do you just need some clarity and help with developing a strategy? Get an hourly session with Link Green the KryptoKhemist to have all of your questions answered. ($250/Hr and $50 every 30 minutes after)

This is a12 Week Coaching Program where you are not only walked through the basics of cryptocurrency, how taxes and regulations work and different passive income options that can earn you thousands of percent in profits without you having to actively manage it, but we will also take you through our $300 to $70,000 in 90 Days Strategy throughout the program. We will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to earn, day by day until you reach your target. This program also comes with weekly one-on-ones with the KryptoKhemist himself! So buckle up and get ready to win big in crypto. ($2,500 or 4 payments of $750)

Have you been wanting to become a real estate agent, but didn’t have the time or money for all of the testing, licenses and certifications? This is the course for you. Start earning high yield returns in the rapidly growing world of digital real estate with less money than it costs you to prepare for and pay for your state’s Real Estate exam. Our information packed masterclass is 2 days of fun, edutainment and inspiration that lets you know that you DON’T have to have the licenses and certifications to become a real estate MOGUL. ($499)

Do you, your children or someone you know love to game? Tired of being pulled away from your game in order to make a living? Tired of paying for your child’s gaming and wish that THEY could actually be the ones to bring in some income? Yea…so were we! That’s why we created the “Get Paid to Game” Masterclass, where we teach amateur gamers everything they need to get paid DAILY from playing video games. No competitions that you have to pay to enter, just to risk losing your investment if you don’t win. No spoon feeding gimmicks where you spend your money just to be upsold. Real strategies to help you gain as much as $5,000 a month doing what everyone says “isn’t a career.” Make more than THEM now. Sign up today. ($275)